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Soulja Boy ft Tyga - Be Quiet Lyrics

These are Be Quiet Lyrics by Soulja Boy & Tyga.

Jewerly too loud man I need to be quiet.
What's that on my wrist? I told that bitch to bet quiet.
Gone off patron man I swear it got em wildin'
If he know like I know tell that nig-a be quiet.

Soulja Boy Verse:
wuz goin on these nig-az out here wildin
They Don't want won't beef, better run to police. Better yet yo best bet its keep quiet.
iguana seats inside it, I'm flying on auto pilot
I'm deep in these streets, spittin crack on these beats. But the word on the street is keep quiet.

Me and my nig-a tyga, patron got us wildin.
Stereophone cup, throwing money in my clubs, oh you mad becuz I'm stylin.
Crush diamonds on my amuelet
Its lookin like a slush hoe.
Ni--az meaning muggin, but they crew is on hush mode.
25 Kush blunts, I call dat sh-t quarter
Took her to my crib and make her strip like fishburne daughter
I swag to hard too hard I do it like no other
runnin round tellin talkin keep that undercover

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These were Be Quiet Lyrics by Soulja Boy & Tyga.


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