Tears of Joy Lyrics - Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Tears of Joy Lyrics

These are Tears of Joy Lyrics by Rick Ross.

[Rick Ross - Verse 1]
smoking the best spliff in a brand new benz
No ID on the track let the story begin, begin…
lookin in the mirror but I dont see much
staring in the streets so I dont sleep much
watching the snakes so they dont creep up
but the way im gettin dis money n-ggas can’t keep up
u n-ggas can’t keep up
n-ggas got beef but it can’t be much
I’m still walking through the crowds like I cant be touched
top back all black Gretsky puck
ice skater a lil later might let me f-ck
damn, she might let me f-ck
last night I cried tears of joy
what did I do to deserve this
rock a rhine on my wrist a year ago
I didnt even know dat b-tches exist
quarter milli for the muthaf-cka
no insurance on a muthaf-cka
aint life a bitch, but u gotta keep her wet
keys open doors so I gotta keep a set
everybody know that I’ma alot of people’s threats
biggie smalls in the flesh livin life after my death
yesterday i read my horoscope
tell me lord will I be poor and broke
tell me lord will I be dealing dope
i wanna take my momma to the pocanoes

[Ceelo - Chorus]
[Rick Ross]
But only Lord Know
To all the loved ones I leave behind
because they cant see me fine
and I ask when someone wants to be me, why?
not even everything can ease my mind
if you could read my mind
my God Im Scarred
I have tattoo tears of joy

[Rick Ross - Verse 2]
Last nite I cried tears of joy
what did I do to deserve this?
young rich muthaf-cka still uneducated but dammit a n-gga made it
GOD damn a n-gga made it
Crib bigger than a church Lord know Im blessed
5 different lawyers Lord know I’m stressed!
a punch in the face get you 300k
ask Vlad now he back making minimum wage
another victim of my criminal ways
I wanna walk in the image of christ
but that b-tch Vivica nice
and I’m still swimming in ice


I’m just living my life
I’m just living my life
lease a lambourghini for your pu-sy rate
life is just a pu-sy race
snatch a b-tch take her back to your place
next mornin I can tell you how the pu-sy taste
I got expensive taste

[Ceelo - Chorus]

[Rick Ross - Verse 3]
last nite I cried tears of joy
what did we do to deserve this
not to dwell on the the past but to keep it real
I gotta represent for Emmett Till
all the dead souls in the field
lookin' at my rolly its about that time
white man had a problem wit mine
and we suppose to be shy? (shy)(shy)
the revolution still applies
probably still on the rise

[Ceelo - Chorus]

These were Tears of Joy Lyrics by Rick Ross.


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