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Fat Joe - No Problems Lyrics

These are No Problems Lyrics by Fat Joe.

[Trillville talking]

You can get crunk in the club
roll wit your hood
get stomped in the club
or you could get buck in the club
nigga we don't give a f--k
but you don't want no problem (problem) wroof
but you don't want no problem (problem) wroof
but you don't want no problem with me
cuz BME we be 50
You don't wanna be dead in the streets
mouth full of blood and soaked from the heat
why you tryna act hard as hell
and you know damn well you don't wanna feel the shell
nigga i been down by the law
gun to my head pressed dead against the wall
i got big balls and bullets like baseballs
split ya dome put ya straight knock out all ya'll
hell no them boys don't play
straight nuts to ya face
put your pistol away
and don't weed to my head
i pray for the folks in the club gettin scared
got a problem with that


Hold em back, hold em back
man f--k that ni-ga
f--k that hold em back
gotta push that ni--a
hold em back, hold em back
push that ni--a
f--k that hold em back

Hey shawty it's on
goddamnit it's on
keep poppin in my face and get popped in the dome
learn to rush muthaf--kas
it's gonna hurt
if a ni-ga fall
that's when shit get's worse
the problem with you nig-as is
you just talk to much
man swang on a nigga and f--k his a-s up
and you can walk on by with your nuts in a tuck
i'll be oblige if you really won't get crunck
in the A we don't play them games
we just stack and slang and load up them things
gettin buck if you wanna and catch a flow
keep yo pretty ass gull beat your ass and take your hoe


[Trillville talking]

These were No Problems Lyrics by Fat Joe.


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