Exposed Lyrics - Lil Eddie

Lil Eddie - Exposed Lyrics

These are Exposed Lyrics by Lil Eddie.

Lately its been so hard to sleep
Cause I'm missing you
When you're not in my company, yeah
Call you up simply to hear you speak
Raising your voice is like the sweetest melody
Girl, I can't resist you anymore
Be tough (?), feel you get over to me
Hear you say ___, yeah
I'm ready now
You've passed the test
Only one thing to do that's left, baby

Get what you came here for, baby
Chains are on the door, baby
Let's get you into the bedroom
Boy, this is all you
So come on and get it

You've been waiting for a while
Let's go the extra mile
Now that you got me exposed, yeah
Make our way up from the couch
She's fit to ________
Now girl, you got me exposed
Said, you guide my spark
Put your ___ to the fire, fire, fire
Boy, I've been waiting for a ____
So take the southern route
Now that you got me
Now that you got me

Look girl, you got me

Tonight I'll be your lucky star
Just make a wish
Cause baby, I'm at your command
Didn't know we'd be _________
Would feel this good shit
___ing by the touch of your hands

It's too early to stop
Please say that you're not done
_______ to keep it going
Just like a ___________
Cause I'm not in any rush
The only place tonight is for us


Girl, if I could keep you satisfied
Cause I promise I'ma do my part
And I'm glad I got you here inside
I never felt so safe in the dark, baby
Got my mind to give you my all
So I'm not trying to let you down
Cause it felt like forever to get you this close
Now you got me exposed


Look girl, you got me

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
I'm exposed
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

These were Exposed Lyrics by Lil Eddie.


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