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Young Fateh - Cant Tear It Down Lyrics

These are Can't Tear It Down Lyrics by Young Fateh.

They can tear down a building/ but cant knock down our spirits/
they was scared before - but now its time to fear it
Austin Texas / We cant just let them Reck This
Gurujis Home/ It up to us to protect it

Everybody talking Change/ land of the free
but Its a Damn Shame/ no one doing a damn thang
where da A.K's Lets Jus Reign on they Parade/
They tryna make us fade/ lets go on a crusade/

Christopher Columbus ---------- robbed all the natives/
Declared it his own/ then brought over slave ships/
history repeats/ this is kinda like the same shit
the Couple didn't like it/ tomorrow its the nation/

"Sikhs need get out"... forced assimilation/
we need to fight back/ for our temples salvation/
government racist/ This is discrimination/
i put my hand out/ For your collaboration/

Sikh Activist, we in affiliation
shaheed baba deep singh is my inspiration/
need come together for our generation
They already tried to knock out our population

the 50 stars, Blue star operations
they didn't think twice/ no hesitation
skip the star bucks, give that as a donation
before my holy temple comes to termination

They Cant tear it down
Its the only one left standing in that town
they cant tear it down
they tryna bulldoze the shrine
We need ta fight back, its about time..

These were Can't Tear It Down Lyrics by Young Fateh.


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