Yes I Do Lyrics - Monika

Monika - Yes I Do Lyrics

These are Yes I Do Lyrics by Monika.

27 of December is arrived and i think its Saturday.
Greece is turning into white and its cold.
We dont really care.
I keep thinking of the way that we were met
Feels like its a fairy tale
Youre the princess the most beautiful Ive seen
I am just a prince
I can make you play

I can make you smile
I can make you safe in my foolish arms
Youre my sweetest kiss
Youre my immortality
Youre my pretty world spins inside my little mind little mind
Now were kissing and were saying to each other

Just a little I do
But the thing is what we really want
It cannot be said
And I promise I will never let that death
Take you from me anyway
Ill throw us stars, stars. Stars
To wish well never die
Youre my brightest sun
Youre my crystal sea
Youre my loudest rhythm
Beats inside my heart
I will make you laugh
I will make you fly to the shinny skies where
Where well live in happiness.

These were Yes I Do Lyrics by Monika .


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such a perfect song !!!!

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heaven in earth :)

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thanks a lot such a great song...!

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