Yeah Ya Know (Takers) Lyrics - T.I.

T.I. - Yeah Ya Know (Takers) Lyrics

These are Yeah Ya Know (Takers) Lyrics by T.I.

[T.I talking ]
Damn, has it been that long?
Is that what happens since I been gone, homie?
they go thte game all wrong, it`s too pretty in here
lets say we take it back to the (?) one time

I went from rolling wit` dem rocks on the block
To controlling my position at the top of every chart I will not stop
(We ride, we roll, in style)
(hey, hey, hey)
(yea you know, yea you know, yea you know, yea you know, yea you know, yea you know)
yea we ride, and we roll, and we style,
here we go, here we go, we go, we go

[Verse 1]
In the middle of a fight, I`m so cool
Everybody want it hot I go through
All of this half of which would have broke you
Came out smelling like a rose even more (?)
Worldwide, bi-costal, global, n-gga`s I respect
Cause they (?)
Cause I ain`t got a damn minute ain`t no ‘tude

kickin doors over just to let my dogs in
So many rides never catch a n-gga walkin`
In a G-5 tryna put a bunch of broads in
Then we landin` laughin`. chicks with fantastic asses
Extravagent habitats, if you never seen tragic happen (hey)
Make magic happen with cash I`m actually catchin magic
In the market for lavish mansions ‘n NBA expansions
Way past respect you see, but I neva as big as a n-gga felt a beat ya see


[Verse 2]
So fly why would I wanna land for
Everything you could ask for and more
Your choice, you could even be a fan or...
Hate to see a n-gga get a hundred grand more
Bein` a motherf-ckin` man, won`t stand for
The rap wars, always goin` back and forth
Livin` in a (?) killing like cancer
(?) thats for damn sure
The same people on tour, on TV
The signed (?) shoulda kept your reciept
Get a refund causeyou sure can`t see me
Who keeps CD`s on repeat, stuck in MP3`s for 3 weeks
At the gates on the day I was released
The only time you will ever see me free
Big money J, much as you can get for it?
Atlantic records say just make another hit for me
I tell ‘em cut a hundred million dollar check for me
Like it or not, don`t lose no respect for me
Never mind what I did, cause the best commin`
I`m the king in a game like chess to me
So put the cash in tha bag,
give the rest to the attendant puttin` gas in it...


I got a new swag and it`s a new day
Here we go again too, what it do ‘J?
I`ll give you a call, I know the way you used to move yay
Now I gotta new Audemar with a blue face
Hoppin up in G4 jet no suitcase, whole new wardrobe in a new place
Chain close(?) if a stain on my shoelace
T.I. roll like sushi... touche.
If ya can`t lay back, who the hell am I?
Bringin` homocide to the gang, no alibi
Can`t tell a lie to the judge, I`m guilty
Your Honor do you mind the guy tried to kill me
I could still be, in a trap now
AK `round, little yay `round
100k downstairs by the trey pound.
But if (?)


Can we ride can we roll
we don`t stop and we go

Yeah you know that we ride
in control we dont stop
we gon blow where we drop
let you know we on top

(Yea we ride, yea we roll, yea we style, here we go, here we go, we go, we go, we go)
[T.I. Outro]

These were Yeah Ya Know (Takers) Lyrics by T.I.


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